Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bored Not Bored

Boredom is impossible. I've overwhelmed myself. The last thing I should be doing right now is blogging but here I am. Monday is my birthday and with no effort on my part, my week is absolutely FILLED. Tomorrow I'm going to a VHS Swap hosted by a friend, another really good friend I haven't seen in a while will be there so it's a must. I'm not really looking forward to the swap part. I don't have much I want to part with that isn't totally embarrassing. Anyone want my copy of Cruel Intentions? No? GOOD, I'm not bringing it anyway. I'll be sure to post pictures or at least the results. I have a feeling I'll be coming home with nothing but what I came with.

Monday, all kinds of stuff is going on. I have an all day outing and then having company. Which means I have to clean. I have to do that anyway because my Mom will be here in less than two weeks but I'm also on a dead line with this silent horror project. Of course, as these things go, I'm suddenly over-flowing with ideas and inspiration for various projects. Like seriously, I'm coming up with great ideas for jewelry, suddenly caught a whim to paint, my journal keeps speaking to me, all of this editing for the project makes me want to do something more personal, like a new "Tender Moments", I've been wanting to actively take pictures; meaning go out WITH photography in mind not just instagram filler. Weirdest of all I've suddenly got this itch to mess with audio in some kind of DJ-like capacity. I took music lessons for years but abandoned it in my mid-teens, it always seemed like a headache to pick it back up but I don't know, it must be because it's October, my most productive month of the year but I have ideas and it's frustrating that I can't spend time obsessing over each and every one. Amidst all of this I must CLEAN for company. AG-OH-NEE. I don't want to do that. What a waste of time. My place is a wreck. The other day I was hot so I literally plopped myself down on the floor with front door open, sat right in the doorway to make jewelry in the breeze. It was nice but of course I left all that crap there in front of the door because I suck.

All of this is going on and I keep forgetting that at some point I have to eat and then THAT becomes a big ordeal. Last night I was like "omg I want octopus rice", so I made octopus rice but I had to gut and clean them, I busted the ink sack and got it EVERYWHERE. I can't just have a sandwich I have to have Octopus because I am the Queen of Spain or some shit. Eating is a problem. SO many unfinished projects I just want to finish a THING. If I can get the kitchen and closet cleaned AND scan 2 more silent movies tonight I will be so fucking thrilled. I have watched a non-silent movie for days and I'm severely neglecting Atomic Caravan, both my movie blog and Jewelry business.

I moved some stuff around here. I don't know if it's clear to my like, one reader, whoever you are. I was sick of the old layout. Added some links to my other locations, I have an obnoxiously overstated web presence. I also added a widget so you can see what I'm listening to AS I'M LISTENING, YOU CREEP.

Well I'm going to get back to all the haaaaard work. I might open my last bottle of two buck chuck to make things more interesting, or at least a little more barfy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Local News - Channel 8

I need new music. I've been in a musical rut for months. Art kind of  has a monopoly on the stereo. He'll let me listen to anything if I ask, but I can't really think of anything. I need to dig. I need to discover. Yesterday I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found an album I downloaded two years ago on tumblr still zipped. I opened it and played it while I washed dishes. It was so rad I played it another five times.

Local News - Channel 8

It appears to be sampled from old news shows. It's kind of mysterious like you're tuning in to frequencies from another dimension. When I discovered the album it was free download on their tumblr (which I'm still trying to locate). I found the link on bandcamp so you can listen to it streaming or "name your price" for a download. Totally worth it. I'm definitely going to buy their other album, Ghost Broadcast. Might even spring for the hard copy. I'm kind of glad I waited to listen to it. It found me at the perfect moment.

This is a great example of the kind of music I want right now. Kind of a proto-seapunk mall vibes. Aesthetics out the butt. Dream jams. The Windows 95 Soundtrack. I eagerly await your recommendations.

Friday, October 10, 2014


I'm working on a media project for a friend's pop-up Speak Easy. I'm making a mash-up of various silent horror movies. I used to make movie highlight videos using my dvd recorder and vcr but this is my first time actually attempting this digitally. It's going pretty well but I can tell it's going to be pretty time consuming so I have to be disciplined on working on it every day.

Yesterday my one big goal was to paint my animal head pendents but I got an email that ACTS (local thrift store) was having a 40% off sale for three hours so I dropped everything and drove over. I already had a $10 off coupon so I was excited to comb through it and get some stuff. My favorite part about acts is that they bundle random art and craft supplies in bags for .79-$3 depending on what all is in it. I always end up with weird partially used supplies that I would normally never buy, but that's what makes them more interesting.

I had a dream last week that I was at this weird cheap grocery store, Not cheap in a questionable way, cheap in a totally unrealistic dreamworld kind of way. Everything in the store cost mere pennies. I bought a giant brownie from the baker for a few cents and she gave me a complimentary watercolor set, exactly like the one at the bottom of the picture. I've been wanting a dry palette like that, all my water colors are in tubes and I feel like I often misjudge how much I need and waste them. In that same dream I saw my Aunt. She was dressed kind of funny and wearing really shiny shoes. She was on her way to work so I went with her, which in my dreams was this place where Swedish inventions are tested called "Spriggets". It's like a stumbled into a Roald Dahl universe. It was nice, I'd like to go back.

Anyway, I got a whole bunch of stuff and wasted a huge chunk of the day shopping, which is the last thing I should be doing. So today my to-do list is massive. Starting with these bad boys...

Will post pictures upon completion.

Why do thrift store candles always smell like Chantilly Ass? Why do I buy thrift store candles. All the time actually. I usually have one nice ass target candle going in the kitchen and forty miscellaneous old person candles in the bathroom.

Anyway, better "Start" my "day".

Thursday, October 9, 2014

All the food I eat.

Remember when this was briefly a foreign candy review blog? That lasted like two entries. I'm reminded because I just devoured my current favorite Japanese junk food snack and it made me want to talk food.

Is this healthy? No. Is it helping me maintain my weight? No way. But it's my new favorite potato chip. Has to happen once a month or so. Great with greek yogurt dip. Dying.

The other day I went to my local Mexican market. I needed a few things and ended up getting a light snack at the deli...

Just a panela stuffed jalepeno, No frills. Not as hot as I was expecting, probably the tasiest thing I've eaten all week.

Washed it back with Spinach Cucumber juice. Not really the expensive juiced Whole Food variety. Mexican market kind that's obviously been sweetened with refined white sugar in a big plastic plastic tub. I think they literally just mix it all together in a blender. I can feel little pieces of spinach when I drink it. Not all places have it but it's my favorite classic mexican drink, I always get it when I see it.

Baja Ranch Market isn't my first choice having lived in Montebello for my first half a year in California, but I've grown to like it. Especially that deli! 

I was browsing a Gelatin magazine (for real) in line and snapped this magical photo of these gelatin treats.

Pickled carrot mix has been a favorite around here lately. Yry putting some IN a quesodilla next time you make one.

Now I'm just starving. On my way home I thought about making Chicken Kiev but since the chicken is totally frozen I guess it's not possible. I'm gonna go whip something up and partake in my favorite malted rice beverage...


This post is boring. Going to start consuming things now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Backula

That sounds like a confession that I'm actually Scott Bakula.

I came here just to reminisce, so many weird memories are encapsulized in this blog. That strange transition moving from Florida to California, dealing with getting a crappy job, finding an apartment, it's all here. I gotta say, I coped really well. I forgot certain details like having no tv, internet or smartphone. It's like the transition from being a normal well adjusted person to a millennial dick nose. Not that I'm an dick nose but let's face it, we're all dick noses. After reading back a few posts I decided to pick things up where I left off. 

Let's see, what's changed...

  • I no longer work in a retail inferno. I abandoned that almost two years ago and started pursuing jewelry making full time. About a year ago I started doing wardrobe on web series, commercials and music videos. It's freelance so it's not always steady, but it's been hella awesome and is related to my background in design. Whenever work is slow I still have jewelry!

  • I drive a mini-cooper, high five.

  • I lost a ton of weight last year! More high fives.

What HASN'T changed...

  • Still living in a too-small apartment in Pasadena

  • Still making jewelry and watching movies EVERY DAY.

  • Still not blogging about either as often as I should.

  • Still cook A LOT. More than ever actually.

  • Still have 1 husband + 2 cats. (that's barely worth noting, of course I do)

  • Still obsessed with Asian markets and Lisa Frank...why would that ever change?

My thumb prints are still all over the net. You find me at all of these places...

I have some errands to run but I just wanted to re-introduce myself. I have much to say. I shall return.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

drop a deuce

Watched Jean Rollin's Night of the Hunted and developed a new boner for Brigette Lahaie...

She's gorge.

I've been drinking this herbal crack...

Tastes like green algae poop but I feel like Dumbledore after drinking it.

Wow. That's it. Two uninteresting things. Well, enjoy this photo dump at least...

<3 <3

Microchips, Microwaves, Faxes, Airphones...

Wake up and smell the 90's!

IT'S THE 90S! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I love to eat bad food for me

Just kidding! I've been stuffing my face with fruits and vegetables lately and walking 2-4 miles a day. I get out of work ridiculously early now so I have like the ENTIRE day of a whole lot of nothing. I've been slacking on pretty much everything lately including decent eating habits so I decided to cut back on the flaming hot fuckin' cheetohs (which I miss like WHOA) and eat a goddamn carrot. The thing is, Pasadena is gorgeous and Florida was like a hot sweaty bunghole. I couldnt do anything outside of wanting to kill myself. Here it's nice and breezey and there are nice things and places in walking distance in every direction. Want to go to Out of the Closet? One mile. Trader Joe's? Half a mile. H&M and Sephora? 2 miles. There's also a nice walking park less than half a mile away. Why am I talking about this? I DON'T KNOW. I have nothing else to talk about cause I'm LAME.

My ipod's been getting a workout lately too. Been listening to a lot of Lucrate Milk, Palais Schaumburg, Maximum Joy, Grass Widow and of course Van Dyke Parks who I saw perform at Amoeba a few days ago FOR FREE. (still not over the whole free concerts at Amoeba thing). He was darling.

He doesn't look like this anymore but I still want to kiss him forever.

We sold a bunch of cds and  I won the drawing for a $20 gift certificate which amounted to about $300 total! I bought a stack of movies, mostly really bad ones! Mostly ones I've been craving for a long time but didn't want to make the leap on limited funds. Free-ish money makes you spend more liberally. I normally don't like to post about movies here because I feel like it'll make me post less about movies on Atomic Caravan, but I've been so neglectful of both blogs I don't think it really matters. This is the one I'm the most excited about...

Beautiful. I'll definitely make a point to share my thoughts on Atomic Caravan when I watch it.

I ate some vegetarian sausages from Trader Joe's for lunch that were delicious but gave me some serious farts.

On that note I will leave you.

Good day, Sir.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bullshit 2.0

What do you think of my shitty banner 2.0? No applause is necesary. I never graduated from Paint to Photoshop so my blog will forever look like an Angelfire page circa 1997.

New revelations since we last met...

*I have a tv

* I have the internet

*I tried to give Egbert a Mozart haircut. Failed.

*I now eat flamin' hot cheetos at least once a week and curse myself while I shit molten red lava.

That's about it.

I'm going to Amoeba tonight to see Lana Del Rey. I'm more excited about going to Amoeba with a $3 off any dvd coupon than anything else. I'm still on the fence about Del Rey. It's free and I have a ride.

I went to the Egyptian Theater last weekend. It was magical!

I saw the Loved One. Robert Morse, Haskell Wexler and Anjanette Comer were there. We all sang happy birthday to Wexler.

I want to blog but I have less to say than I thought. There are more constant distractions at this point in my life than ever before.

I guess I'm done for now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beachez Foreverz

Visiting Florida for a few days. As much as I hate Panama City, it's abrasive tackiness shaped me. I wouldn't have such an unmatched lack of taste if it weren't for growing up in airbrushed t-shirts and collecting shell art.

There's a magical awfulness I love and can only try to recreate in my little one bedroom Pasadena apartment.

 On a more serious magical music note, I discovered the greatest bath product of all time. Crabtree and Evelyn has made the most lovely products. I grew up with Nantucket Briar in the shower, but I rarely buy it or experiment with their other pricey scents. This weekend being sort of an early birthday celebration I splurged on some things that make me feel like a lady! I bought this Vetiver soap that has changed my life...

intense bath time wizardry.

dainty juniper dreamz.

My flight was canceled today so instead of going through Houston tomorrow I'll be connecting through Baltimore. I keep day dreaming I'll see John Waters on my flight *heart*

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unicorn Destroyer

I want a rainbow cheetah.

I want a pizza.

I want Rosie from the Jetsons to clean my headquarters.

I want to roll around in a field of enchanted flowers.

I want to climb a crystal mountain.

I want to tug Zeus' beard.

I want a big diamond to descend from the sky and give me a kiss.

Today was almost magickal.