Thursday, March 22, 2012

drop a deuce

Watched Jean Rollin's Night of the Hunted and developed a new boner for Brigette Lahaie...

She's gorge.

I've been drinking this herbal crack...

Tastes like green algae poop but I feel like Dumbledore after drinking it.

Wow. That's it. Two uninteresting things. Well, enjoy this photo dump at least...

<3 <3

Microchips, Microwaves, Faxes, Airphones...

Wake up and smell the 90's!

IT'S THE 90S! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I love to eat bad food for me

Just kidding! I've been stuffing my face with fruits and vegetables lately and walking 2-4 miles a day. I get out of work ridiculously early now so I have like the ENTIRE day of a whole lot of nothing. I've been slacking on pretty much everything lately including decent eating habits so I decided to cut back on the flaming hot fuckin' cheetohs (which I miss like WHOA) and eat a goddamn carrot. The thing is, Pasadena is gorgeous and Florida was like a hot sweaty bunghole. I couldnt do anything outside of wanting to kill myself. Here it's nice and breezey and there are nice things and places in walking distance in every direction. Want to go to Out of the Closet? One mile. Trader Joe's? Half a mile. H&M and Sephora? 2 miles. There's also a nice walking park less than half a mile away. Why am I talking about this? I DON'T KNOW. I have nothing else to talk about cause I'm LAME.

My ipod's been getting a workout lately too. Been listening to a lot of Lucrate Milk, Palais Schaumburg, Maximum Joy, Grass Widow and of course Van Dyke Parks who I saw perform at Amoeba a few days ago FOR FREE. (still not over the whole free concerts at Amoeba thing). He was darling.

He doesn't look like this anymore but I still want to kiss him forever.

We sold a bunch of cds and  I won the drawing for a $20 gift certificate which amounted to about $300 total! I bought a stack of movies, mostly really bad ones! Mostly ones I've been craving for a long time but didn't want to make the leap on limited funds. Free-ish money makes you spend more liberally. I normally don't like to post about movies here because I feel like it'll make me post less about movies on Atomic Caravan, but I've been so neglectful of both blogs I don't think it really matters. This is the one I'm the most excited about...

Beautiful. I'll definitely make a point to share my thoughts on Atomic Caravan when I watch it.

I ate some vegetarian sausages from Trader Joe's for lunch that were delicious but gave me some serious farts.

On that note I will leave you.

Good day, Sir.