Monday, March 21, 2011

Devo and Xuxa.

I saw Devo. That's right. And it was glorious. Indescribable. Magic.

I might also add that I recently acquired a dvd of miscellaneous episodes of Xuxa. Yes, Xuxa, the vixenous children's show hostess. How I loved her. It was a pocket of my childhood I remember well. I was seven years old, it was at the peak of kid's variety shows like "What Would You Do?" and "Wild and Crazy Kids". This show is obviously a cash in on both, the success of such shows and an American vehicle for the Brazilian sensation, Xuxa. I remember colors, shoulder pads, hot pants, dancing, singing, animals, kids having fun...

Then I watched it now.

It's so terrible. Her english is so atrocious, she has no idea what's going on. The jokes aren't funny, the music's pretty lame. It's really just an awful show. Does this mean I dislike Xuxa now? Of course not. Her memory will live in my heart forever, and apart of me wonders if that's where she should have stayed. Thankfully, no matter how sucky the show might have been, there will always be this...


  1. whoa!! i think this is the show i was just talking about with josh. i was telling him how much a loved it but only got to watch it when we were on vacation here because they didn't play it on detroit tv. i couldn't remember name and he had no idea what i was talking about! now i'm excited!!

  2. It probably was Xuxa! The clip I posted is from one of her movies, but clips from the show are all over youtube.

  3. i just remember a blond chick dancing all over the place. it was amazing

  4. I was so glad when Xuxa came on because at the time I was being babysat by my Grandma, and all through the day all I ever watched were Soap Operas, which I really got into - but by the time they were over, it was all BONANZA, and at the time I didn't understand or care for it. Then, XUXA came on. At first I thought it was a mistake because it was all in Spanish and thought, maybe this was an accidental airing. Then the next day and days onward it was Xuxa every afternoon. I was mesmerized by the colors and fun, dancing and signing. It was the best! And even though there was a language barrier, I understood it much better than Bonanza. Good times.