Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who is your favorite Gremlin?

I rewatched Gremlins 2 for like the umptillionth time last night. It's a timeless classic. It's far superior to the first which is nowhere near as colorful and fun. Not only do we have a cascade of cameos but also so many strange varieties of Gremlins. There's the Gargoyle, the Electric Gremlin, the smart Tony Randall Gremlin,  "Daffy" the goofy cross eyed Gremlin, There's the one with lips like Edward G. Robinson, there's Mohawk of course which I think is the one who turns into a spider, "Lenny" who has buck teeth and long rabbit ears,  and the Phantom of the Opera one. SO many! I always thought they were so cute, even even as their slimy scaly selves. I'm a sucker for small creatures with big eyes and ears. Who isn't?? But I think it's safe to say that the coolest Gremlin is the fairest of them all...

Greta ♥

For a species that is asexual "Greta" (whose name I had to google since they never say it in the movie) sure knows how to work that hot reptilian babeness. I always thought she was so gorgeous! I wish I had green hair like that! She's glamorous, sexy and completely weird. Does she count as a magical girl? She's not exactly a "girl" but she's female and most definitely magical! I always wished there were more scenes with her. Naturally, she is my favorite Gremlin.

Another I was always fond of is Vegetable.

One brief cameo of him bursting out of the salad bar isn't enough! His lumpy enliven plant face always creeped me out easily making him the winner of Weirdest Gremlin award (which only exists in my mind). Strange carrot beard and cabbage pecs still make me shiver a bit when I see him.

I'll always have a soft spot for the classic Mohawk too. Mostly because he reminds me so much of my cat Egbert...

I used to compare Egbert to Gizmo but it was clear right away that something was amiss. He's a very mischievous boy. He eats garbage, makes messes, poops on the floor when his box is perfectly clean, has a gruff scratchy voice (dead ringer for Mohawk's raspy way of saying "gizzzzzmoooooo") and in all of his ridiculously adorable fluffiness he has the gaze of a trouble maker. Shifty eyes, much like the grimacing bastion known as Mohawk. He acts so radically different than our prince Charming tabby cat Giuseppe that there is no doubt in my mind Egbert is part Mogwai. Look at that! He's chewing on my Unicorn!

Obviously Gizmo is the fan favorite, and Christ, he's most definitely cute, but sort of boring in a way. I always wondered what he'd be like if he made the transformation from Mogwai to Gremlin. I think Joe Dante should make another sequel with Greta being the first to actually give BIRTH to a part Gremlin part human (since she marries Forster). Maybe it grows up like normal (although I can't imagine a human baby coming out of Greta) and starting to go through changes when he hits a certain age. Or whatever, I'm not a screenwriter but I think Gremlins 2 totally left room for another sequel. Then they could explore the idea of Gizmo turning into a real Gremlin! It would be SO cool!!

If only...

So the question remains, who is YOUR favorite Gremlin?


  1. daffy, hands down. there is, however, a soft spot for stripe, the 1st movie baddie.

    speaking of the 1st film, i enjoy. it was intended as a comedy, yet the end result is a classic nightmare. i remember there being a big ta-do because the commercials were playing it off as this cute family movie with spielberg's name attached to it. then, when the fit hits the shan, the film depicts some of the scariest murders ever committed by onscreen muppets.

    come to think of it, what is the scariest moment via onscreen muppet?

  2. Well a Muppet is a Henson creation, so in the literal sense probably something from Return to Oz or Dark Crystal. But in a general movie animatronix puppet sense, I dunno...Meet the Feebles? Critters? Munchies? None of them are scary to me, they're all cute.

  3. HOLY HELL YOUR CAT IS SO CUTE ALL CLEANIN HIS TEETH WITH THE UNICORN HORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM