Saturday, October 23, 2010

My three favorite things right now...

Aloe Vera juice is the SHITTTTT!! It's incredibly healthy and very lightly sweet. It tastes like a mild grape. I especially love the pulp. This is my beverage of choice now.

This is not a beverage. This is my current moisturizer. It's very mild and refreshing. I love the way it smells and how bright my face looks after wearing it for a few hours. Kose's regular Sekkisei moisturizer is a little too high in alcohol for my taste. I attribute this to my present state of well being.

Liquid royal jelly has been apart of my regular consumption lately. It gives you energy and is supposed to help the blood flow to your brain. It also tastes pretty good. I love the little glass bottle and little straw.


Now I'm going to go make a snack dinner!


It's been way too long! As I mentioned before I had a HUGE move to deal with. I now live in Los Angeles County, more specifically Monterey Park. We'd been planning a move back for a long time and it's still kind of surreal seeing it all flesh out. I don't really want to get into the whole job/apartment thing right now. It's been tedious but steady going. Things are coming along but really slowly for some reason. I really like the San Gabriel Valley. Since the last time we were here I didn't have my car, I couldn't do the exploring I wanted to. I've really enjoyed my time driving around looking at all the little Chinese shops. You know what an Asiaholic I am. I like Alhambra a lot as well. There are so many nooks and crannies you kind of have to know what you're looking for. My big obsession right now is Japanese cosmetics and skin care products. I read that they're both a decade ahead of Western products. After trying some things I've bought recently I'm pretty much convinced. My favorite store so far is Takashimaya...

It's really crowded and colorful. If you don't know anything about Japanese make-up it would be impossible to know what to get. I don't know much but I have been wanting to try Majolica Majorca (owned by Shiseido), Lavshuca and Kate (both owned by Kanebo), rather than blind buying some over priced import, it made sense to track down this shop that's in my own freaking neighborhood and take a look. I was so overwhelmed that I just ended up only getting an issue of Voce.

One of Japan's leading beauty magazines. Sure, I can't read it but the pictures are large and clear. They also do a variety of tests on products using numbers to identify them so it's still very enjoyable and informative. On top of that it came with a free sample of RMK firming cream and a terry cloth head band for facials. Still feeling a little overwhelmed by this amazing store and getting vibes from my bored husband I decided to move on tothe next store. Across the street was a smaller more conservative make-up store that carries the make-up I've really REALLY been wanting. Paul & Joe.

Did I drop $25 on this without hesitation? Hell yes I did! And I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to bring myself to use it.

I also got this lovely nail polish since it was on sale for $9...

I've been wanting a nice corally orange for a while. This one's really soft and lady like.

While I was there, the girl who helped me showed me a product that is CHANGING MY FREAKING LIFE! Possibly the most incredible skin product of all time...

It makes your dead skin fall off! It just falls right off! As you rub it into your skin you start to feel clumps of what resembles rubber eraser shavings. Afterward you're skin feels SUPER soft and there is a noticable difference. When I drove over here from Florida I got somewhat of an unsightly farmer's tan from the window. I could litterally see my tan fading as I used it. it's meant for the face but I'll rarely use it for that. Every once in a while when I give myself an intense facial. What I love about this product is what it's doing for my arms. I'm one of those people who has bumps on my arms. You've seen them I'm sure, a lot of people have them, most people grow out of them...some dont. I've tried everything to make them go away. Scrubbing with exfoliant really dilligently in every shower, I've tried salicylic acid. My mom used to think it was some sort of acne (it's not) so we tried body products for acne, they obviously didnt work. I'd all but given up. I tried this and I could immediately notice a big difference. After just 3 days of using it you can barely see them. At this rate they'll be completely gone in the next couple of weeks. And there aren't any dagnerous ingredients in it either. Lots of "root extracts"'s a miracle product! I'm in love! what else? We went to Knott's Scary Farm for my birthday. The whole park was like a giant haunted house. It was a lot of fun! I can't think of a better way to have spent my 25th birthday. We haven't been watching as many movies lately. Our set-up is kind of sucky right now, I wrote about all of that on Atomic Caravan. I'm only about 10 minutes from Little Tokyo so I've spent a few afternoons there. There's a great grocery store I've been frequenting as well as a place called the Japanese Cosmetics Company where I've been buying my Kose products. Their white powder wash has helped restore my natural bright fairness and their Junkisui moisturizer is perfect for my sensitive-ass skin.

Ok, that's all for now. I have a second job interview today. That's all I'm sayin' because I'm a firm believer in jinxing things. I need to go have my royal jelly and start getting ready!

Until next time! <3