Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I heart Jayne Mansfield

I super do. So much that I dare write two blogs in one evening! I love busty blondes from vintage movies. The trashier, the better. Jayne's great, she's the embodiment of Hollywood Babylon. Hour glass figure, platinum cotton candy hair, sex fiend, SATANIST, B-movie queen and a morbid death. I really couldn't ask much more from a celebrity. Do I even need to mention the fucking Pink Palace? Ahh yes, she's a Goddess of sorts. I have every intention of turning my bathroom into a shrine to her kitschyness .Basically, pink with pictures of her, eventually, that's a long time dream I've had for years. I wish I could have her heart shaped bathtub <3

We recently got the Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield I do believe it's on the bill for tonight. Its essentially a mondo film about Mansfield. Pure unbridled exploitation. Muy excited!

Anton Lavey and Jayne, wow.

I really need to see this movie too while I'm at it. I'm kind of obsessed with her exotica hula dance...

Dance right on into my heart, Jayne!

Monday, May 16, 2011

you can't fart around with love

Even this funky Weather Report album can't give me a second wind today. I usually turn to Weather Report when it's time for house cleaning, which it most definitely is. My Mom will be arriving for a visit in just 10 short days and I'm far from making this apartment presentable. Ehhhh. I'm running on little sleep because of the Demons/Demons 2 double feature I attended last night at the New Beverly (followed by work this morning), but I'll touch upon that more on Atomic Caravan when I write my review. I had an iced mocha from starbucks earlier, a drink I rarely (as in never) have. Something about it beckoned. Sweetness and coldness. I drank it insanely fast and still passed out for a nap which was what I as trying to avoid. Faehrt.

But seriously. I've been listening to Mr. Gone by Weather Report for like two days and I just can't seem to get enough. It reminds me of Rick Wakeman's score for Lisztomania mixed with like, um...Return to Forever, or Miles' On the Corner. All of which make a lot of sense. So far all I've wanted to do is eat trail mix and sit here idley, so perhaps I should stick to Heavy Traffic when it comes to domestics.

I'm thinking about starting another movie review blog for non-genre films. Like I need another blog to neglect. Ehhh, more on that later.

So Roddy Mcdowall is my latest obsession. Currently making my rounds through his filmography...slowly. After he saved the fuck out of that semi-disastrous Legend of Hill House I pretty much fell in love. That was a few years ago but I was reminded recently when I finally caught "It!", which is like Norman Bates meets the Golem, starring Mcdowall who's looking pretty handsome in his tailored suits and black turtle neck cat burgler outfit. Ahem...I'm totally in denial about his gayness. I have way too big of a crush to admit creepy-unrealistic-dead-celebrity-I'm-married-anyways defeat. Why are all of my celebrity crushes dead and gay? Someone answer me that.

Ok, well there's no food in the house and this unicorn's gotta eat! Catch ya later...