Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I heart Jayne Mansfield

I super do. So much that I dare write two blogs in one evening! I love busty blondes from vintage movies. The trashier, the better. Jayne's great, she's the embodiment of Hollywood Babylon. Hour glass figure, platinum cotton candy hair, sex fiend, SATANIST, B-movie queen and a morbid death. I really couldn't ask much more from a celebrity. Do I even need to mention the fucking Pink Palace? Ahh yes, she's a Goddess of sorts. I have every intention of turning my bathroom into a shrine to her kitschyness .Basically, pink with pictures of her, eventually, that's a long time dream I've had for years. I wish I could have her heart shaped bathtub <3

We recently got the Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield I do believe it's on the bill for tonight. Its essentially a mondo film about Mansfield. Pure unbridled exploitation. Muy excited!

Anton Lavey and Jayne, wow.

I really need to see this movie too while I'm at it. I'm kind of obsessed with her exotica hula dance...

Dance right on into my heart, Jayne!

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