Thursday, October 9, 2014

All the food I eat.

Remember when this was briefly a foreign candy review blog? That lasted like two entries. I'm reminded because I just devoured my current favorite Japanese junk food snack and it made me want to talk food.

Is this healthy? No. Is it helping me maintain my weight? No way. But it's my new favorite potato chip. Has to happen once a month or so. Great with greek yogurt dip. Dying.

The other day I went to my local Mexican market. I needed a few things and ended up getting a light snack at the deli...

Just a panela stuffed jalepeno, No frills. Not as hot as I was expecting, probably the tasiest thing I've eaten all week.

Washed it back with Spinach Cucumber juice. Not really the expensive juiced Whole Food variety. Mexican market kind that's obviously been sweetened with refined white sugar in a big plastic plastic tub. I think they literally just mix it all together in a blender. I can feel little pieces of spinach when I drink it. Not all places have it but it's my favorite classic mexican drink, I always get it when I see it.

Baja Ranch Market isn't my first choice having lived in Montebello for my first half a year in California, but I've grown to like it. Especially that deli! 

I was browsing a Gelatin magazine (for real) in line and snapped this magical photo of these gelatin treats.

Pickled carrot mix has been a favorite around here lately. Yry putting some IN a quesodilla next time you make one.

Now I'm just starving. On my way home I thought about making Chicken Kiev but since the chicken is totally frozen I guess it's not possible. I'm gonna go whip something up and partake in my favorite malted rice beverage...


This post is boring. Going to start consuming things now.

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