Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Backula

That sounds like a confession that I'm actually Scott Bakula.

I came here just to reminisce, so many weird memories are encapsulized in this blog. That strange transition moving from Florida to California, dealing with getting a crappy job, finding an apartment, it's all here. I gotta say, I coped really well. I forgot certain details like having no tv, internet or smartphone. It's like the transition from being a normal well adjusted person to a millennial dick nose. Not that I'm an dick nose but let's face it, we're all dick noses. After reading back a few posts I decided to pick things up where I left off. 

Let's see, what's changed...

  • I no longer work in a retail inferno. I abandoned that almost two years ago and started pursuing jewelry making full time. About a year ago I started doing wardrobe on web series, commercials and music videos. It's freelance so it's not always steady, but it's been hella awesome and is related to my background in design. Whenever work is slow I still have jewelry!

  • I drive a mini-cooper, high five.

  • I lost a ton of weight last year! More high fives.

What HASN'T changed...

  • Still living in a too-small apartment in Pasadena

  • Still making jewelry and watching movies EVERY DAY.

  • Still not blogging about either as often as I should.

  • Still cook A LOT. More than ever actually.

  • Still have 1 husband + 2 cats. (that's barely worth noting, of course I do)

  • Still obsessed with Asian markets and Lisa Frank...why would that ever change?

My thumb prints are still all over the net. You find me at all of these places...





I have some errands to run but I just wanted to re-introduce myself. I have much to say. I shall return.

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